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Allure Silk

ALLURE Silk- 100wt

Mini Spool460m / 500yd

Produced from the finest Japanese silk filament.

Use this thread for applique’ & fine-detailed quilting for gorgeous results.

Can be used as a high-yard bobbin thread. Disappears into the fabric.


1. Do not put dry iron directly on the seam or yarn.  The yarn will hold up to approximately 176 degrees F.   We recommend a dry iron rather than steam.
2. Bleaching is not a good idea and will damage the yarn’s ability to glow.

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Glide 40 Inventory Sheet 269 colors

Glide 60/Premo/Luminary/Essence/Allure inventory sheet

Print the Glide 40 or Glide 60/Premo/Luminary/Essence/Allure handy colour inventory charts to make ordering a whole lot easier.

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