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To a quilter good thread is like candy to the eye and a great glass of wine to go with it.

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Fil-Tec Glide™ Quilters Top Threads — Lint-free and perfect tension!

The ability to maintain consistent thread tension is the most important variable to quality and efficient quilt production.

Fil-Tec Glide™ with Advanced Trilobal Technology will maintain consistent tension throughout each and every spool.

The results are high quality, consistent stitch formation, fewer thread breaks, and fewer machine stops.

Top Thread Coverage

Glide™ offers superior coverage for all your quilting applications. Uniform and complete cover provides a unique embroidery look. The thread appears to melt into the quilt fabric.

Glide™ utilizes special technology to capture a beautiful luster within the fibers of a colourfast polyester.

Improves Quilting Strength

Glide™ is stronger than comparable quilting threads on the market. Stronger threads translates into fewer thread breaks and less machine downtime.

Lint Free Results

Glide™ runs virtually lint-free through your machine’s needle and tensioners. This breakthrough technology allows us to produce a trilobal thread with advanced light reflecting properties. It is easy to see why Glide™ outshines the competition when it comes to Quilting Top Threads.

We welcome you to compare all Glide™ colours to your favorite Quilt thread

Glide Quilting Top Thread is available in both 1000 metre and 5000 metre spools.

Affinity’s Variegated Polyester Top Thread

Affinity’s one-inch-colour-repeats are the perfect touch for any quilting application that you want to have a little extra pizzazz. Made of trilobal polyester, it is strong, colourfast, and washable, yet has a subtle shine that will enhance any quilters project.

Thinking of making the change to our Quilting Top Thread?

Compare the colours of your current top thread to those of GLIDE and find your perfect match.


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